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Flexibility -your food, your choice ...

Caribburton offers no set menus, so you can decide what you'd like for your event or special occasion. 

We can put together packages and prices if you prefer, but we believe it's your budget therefore your choice. We're available to advise and consult as needed. Here's some of what we do, so many choices...and you have an opportunity to sample these food items/dishes before you book! Have a look...

Chicken - fried, curried, bbq, stewed, jerk or roast
Pork - stewed, roast, jerk, or bbq 
Spare Ribs - jerk or bbq
Beef - stewed, roast, curried
Steak - peppered, slow roast
Oxtail - stewed
Lamb - stewed, roast, curried
Fish (Bream or Snapper) - steamed, roasted, fried. (Other fish can be requested)
Salt-fish - with ackee, with callaloo
Fritters - salt-fish or banana
Soups - beef, chicken, lamb & vegetables
Patties - beef, chicken, lamb, saltfish & vegetable
Chow Mein - beef, chicken, prawn or vegetable varieties
Macaroni Cheese
Vegetables - roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, green banana, yam, sweet potato, dasheen, cocoa & breadfruit, Vegetable selection- steamed, roasted or stir-fried
Dumplings - boiled or fried
Plaintains - boiled or fried
Rice - steamed, seasoned rice, rice & peas
Salads - green salad (various), tropical fruit salad, tuna salad, potato salad, coleslaw
Canapes - a selection of hot & cold available

Pineapple Punch
Carrot Juice
Fruit Juice - various
Soft drinks
Tropical Fruit Crumble
Apple Crumble
'Fruit' Upside Down Cake
Banana Cake
Chocolate Chunk Cake
Fruit Cocktail
Tropical Fruit Platter
Grilled Mango Cheeks with Rum & Honey
(the above can be served with rum infused cream, double cream, custard or ice cream)