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"The meal was simply delicious and more than value for money".
Donna, Nov 2012. 

"The food was delicious & the range of items was just right. Also very impressed with the overall organization of the event - seating arrangements, buffet layout & coordination between all involved to make the event truly memorable".
Pari, Nov 2012 

"It was very good food, and very good service".
Radhika, Nov 2012 

"Just wanted to give some feedback on the food.Everyone loved the food and were asking whether I did the cooking. Of course, I couldn't lie especially since the company name labels were on the foil covering (LoL!) so I had to come clean. The only thing was I should have ordered only half of what you brought. One tray of everything would have been more than enough.In total there were 36 people at the party (less than what I anticipated) only a handful were small children. Still, I am glad everyone had enough to eat. The fish went very quickly and there were only a few pieces left after the party. The patties went just as quickly as I was able to re-heat them and able to hand them  around (clearly a popular choice). Not everyone took the macaroni cheese or the veg chow mein but that may be because they had rice and peas. I liked also the brown stew chicken didn't have any skin - many thanks for that. On the whole everything went well and I had a great time.
Many thanks for your help and for coming true, as promised".
Jaqui, Nov 2012

"Dawn, Alex-Thank you so much for the food. It was very delicious. Very nice reviews. Thanks again".
Maxine T, Feb 2013

"Thank you so much Dawn for the wonderful service and food you provided for us at rather short notice for us last week. From start to finish you were a joy to deal with and provided the highest quality of food at extremely reasonable prices. All 15 of us were thrilled and will certainly be back for another event. All the best Maxine x".
Maxine R, May 2013